Saturday, November 7, 2015

Adolescence is the most important period of life ( Part 2 ) - ( St. Nektarios of Pentapolis )

a talk given by St. Nektarios of Pentapolis to a group of high-school students

Each generation successively takes into its hands
the heritage of its forefathers.
Each successive generation receives everything that is sacred,  everything that is noble, all that is good, all that is beautiful, all things that are great,
and all things that are glorio us; and it has a sacred obligation not only to preserve this heritage intact,
but also to hand it over to the ensuing generations in a greater and more glorious state. Otherwise, it will end up having disrespected its forefathers, betrayed its country, and harmed its descendents.

In order to preserve this inheritance, however,
there are enormous obligations that must be met, obligations of an enormity equivalent to the honor of succession, the value of the inheritance, the
danger of its deprivation , and the subsequent evils of such a loss.

Heirs of immense fortunes and assets must necessarily be great men; because they who are small and frivolous render themselves unworthy,
and they ultimately turn their forefathers’ glory to disgrace, convert their wealth into poverty, and go through life in a wretched and lamentable state. 

Such people betray the sacred ideals of their nation, and give away the things that are most
precious, only to, instead, purchase shame and disgrace at a high cost.

Therefore, the preservation of familial wealth demands a struggle. The careless way of life is
inappropriate for achieving this goal. The life of our forefathers, who amassed for us the present treasures and blessings, was a ceaseless battle.
The life of our fathers, who preserved the inheritance intact, was similarly a continual struggle. Hence, a continual struggle is demanded of us as well in order to preserve the wealth and, in following, to transmit it to our descendents. As custodians, we are obligated to show the utmost haste and diligence in order to become worthy
[of the inheritance] and to preserve it unscathed.

Behold! In a short while you will be perfect adults. Into your hands the nation relinquishes all of its
historic treasures, the military, the navy, the army, every office, the educational system, the sciences, the arts, its ancestral glory, its wealth, its fame, the country’s prosperity and grandeur.

Behold! In a short while the nation’s administration, all power and authority, the
parliament, the judicial system, the church, the sacred pulpits, and all the municipal services will be deposited into your hands. The nation’s
prosperity or misfortune, its exaltation or humiliation, its wealth or poverty hinges upon your competence or incompetence, your virtue or

Your competence and virtue will elevate the nation; your sound mindset will sustain the upright
public mindset; your correct decisions will
contribute to the national majesty; your religious ideals and convictions will adornthe church; your
ethical beliefs will support the morals of society;
your love for justice will support the nation’s laws;
your respect toward the authorities and rulers
will impart to the nation the goods of law and order.

Everything depends upon your prudence and wisdom. Your virtue will save all things; conversely, your evil will corrupt and destroy everything.
Therefore, this imperative duty necessitates you to become worthy of the calling you have been

St. Nektarios of Pentapolis 

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