Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Protestantism? Is the loyal child of Papism ( St. Justin Popovich )

“Protestantism? It is the loyal child of Papism. It went from one heresy to another over the centuries because of its rationalistic scholasticism, and it is continually drowning in the various poisons of its heretical errors. In addition, Papal haughtiness and ‘infallible’ foolishness reign absolutely within it, ruining the souls of its faithful. First of all each Protestant is an independent pope when it comes to matters of faith. This always leads from one spiritual death to another; and there is no end to this ‘dying’ since a person can suffer countless spiritual deaths (in a lifetime).

Since this is the way things are, there is no way out of this impasse for the Papist-Protestantic Ecumenism with its pseudo-Church and its pseudo-Christianity without wholehearted repentance before the God-man Christ and His Orthodox Catholic Church. Repentance is the remedy for every sin, the medicine given to man by the only Friend of man (Christ).”

St. Justin Popovich, Orthodox Faith & Life in Christ, “Humanistic Ecumenism”

Time is Precious ( St. Cyril Patriarch of Jerusalem )

We live in this vain world and are truly ignorant; or rather we have not yet understood why we are alive, what value this life of ours has, and what purpose man has on earth! Unfortunately, we have
become almost like the irrational beasts. We live without considering that the time of our life here is the most precious thing for future restoration. We use up and waste this time with no regret. And when we come to our senses, we shall be unable to bring this time back.
Therefore, how truly wise is the man who has realized the great value of time in this transient life and who takes advantage of it accordingly,
enriching his life with good works, so that when the grievous hour of death comes, his conscience will be confident and say in his defense before the spiritual prosecutors, the demons, “I have done what I should, so why are you still raging?”

St. Cyril Patriarch of Jerusalem