Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Prayer Walk ....

Controlling Anger

One of the common maladies we all face is anger. It can be triggered in many ways, usually when someone opposes what we think should be done. Of course we should try and eliminate the causes of anger, but we also need to be prepared to deal with it when we inevitably succumb to it.

Anger is an emotion, and science shows us that emotions are the result of a very fast and complex bodily reaction triggered by some external event. When we sense a challenge to our being whether physically or egotistically, there is a chemical reaction that is sent though out our blood stream so the whole body reacts. This happens very quickly. And when it does its hard to overcome. It's like a barking dog. Once the dog starts barking it's hard to get him to stop.

Here is the way to deal with this situation where we become angry which almost always leads to a sinful action.

1. Make the sing of the Cross saying," Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner."

2. Continue to recite this prayer.
If the anger recedes you can proceed rationally. But, frequently this is not enough. The chemicals have been released into your blood stream and the body is ready for a fight. Your heart bear increases and you feel agitated. This is the time for the prayer walk.

3. Excuse yourself and take a prayer walk. As you walk say the Jesus prayer and time it with your step: Lord - step, Jesus - step - Christ - step - Son - step - of - step - God - step - Have - step - Mercy........ and so forth. Keep on walking and saying the prayer until your body has returned to a calm and normal state. Do not return to the interaction that triggered the anger until you feel peace and love in your heart.

Now you can begin to reflect on the situation that triggered this event and rationally choose how to best respond to it in a way that is consistent with the Commandments of our Lord.

Of course you must first have the ability to intervene with this prayer. This is why it is important to include the recitation of the Jesus prayer in your daily prayer rule, and establish well worn groves in your brain that make it a habitual response.

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