Sunday, August 30, 2015

Elder Ephraim's monasteries(North America) - Μοναστήρια Γέροντας Εφραίμ ( βόρεια Αμερική)

The 17 Monasteries of Elder Ephraim in North America

Τα 17 μοναστήρια του Γέροντα Εφραίμ στη Βόρεια Αμερική

1. Holy Monastery of the Nativity of the Theotokos
Saxonburg, PA

2.Holy Monastery of St. Kosmas Aitolos
Bolton, Ont.

3. Holy Monastery of Panagia Parigoritissa
Brownsburg (Chatham), Quebec

4.Holy Monastery of St. John Chrysostomos
Pleasant Prairie, WI

5. Holy Protection Monastery
White Haven, PA

6. Holy Monastery of the Theotokos, the Life-Giving Spring
Dunlap, CA

7. Holy Monastery of St. John the Forerunner
Goldendale, WA

8.Holy Monastery of St. Anthony
Florence, AZ

9. Holy Archangels' Monastery
Kendalia, TX

10. Holy Monastery of Panagia Vlahernon
Williston, FL

11. Annunciation Monastery
Reddick, FL

12. Holy Trinity Monastery
Smith Creek, MI

13. Holy Monastery of Panagia Prousiotissa
Troy, NC

14. Panagia Pammakaristou
Lawsonville, NC

15. Holy Monastery of St. Nektarios
Roscoe, NY

16. Holy Transfiguration Monastery
Harvard, IL

17. Holy Monastery of St. Paraskevi
Washington, TX

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